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We also carry OTHER great hobby pastimes such as trains and slot cars.  Stop by and check out our seasonal selection of all the good stuff that'll keep you busy indoors on those rainy days or cold winter evenings.



Take to the skies with our diverse selection of airplanes, FPV quadcopters, drones, and helicopters.  We can start you off with a trainer and have you mastering flight in no time!

We run regular weekly and even monthly sales on select products in our Norwalk, Ohio and Lutz, Florida locations.  Don't miss out! Sign up below..



Being so close to Lake Erie, it's only natural that we take to the high seas with RC.  From offshore powerboats, catamarans, tunnel hulls and, of course, gorgeous sailboats - we've got you covered.

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Stop by to see us at Hobby Shops near me in Norwalk, Ohio or Hobby Shops near me in Tampa, FL.  Over 38 years serving as a Hobby Store. 

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serving R/C HObbyists for over 38 years

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All season fun awaits when you grab some of the latest rock spitting, mud bashing and asphalt shredding 4-wheeled vehicles from our shelves.  From micro racers to 15 pound monster trucks, the backyard will never be safe again...